Magical Mini Spell Jars

Magical Mini Spell Jars

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The Magical Mini spell jars are super handy, small in size mighty in magic : 


Home Sweet Home



Psychic Intuition 

How spell jars work: 

- You can put it in your favourite place, depending on what spell jar you have bought, you may want to put it next to your bed or in a place that brings you happiness.

- You can give the spell jars as a gift, the spells are created to work on the final owner of the jar, so these make lovely gifts.

- if the jars happen to break while in your care don't worry all is not lost. carefully remove the glass and bury the contents. The spell will continue to work. 

*Spell jars come in a mini glass bottle, contents vary depending on the spell jars purpose. Jars should not be opened and never consumed. If products are consumed please seek medical attention. PLEASE DONT EAT THE MAGIC PEOPLE.