Comfort & Harmony Do it yourself Spell Kit

Comfort & Harmony Do it yourself Spell Kit

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Our Dot it yourself kit comes with everything you will need to create a bit of magic for yourself. 

This spell jar is focused on creating comfort and harmony in your home and life. I have provided all the ingredients you will need and instructions on how to carry out the spell. 

These are perfect if you are just starting out with the craft or if you'd like to add a little mindful magic to your life. Only good things can come from these, bring that light into your life. They made the sweetest gifts. 

If at any point you need more guidance then please do not hesitate to contact me on instagram. 

Before starting this spell I would recommend spending some time focusing on the areas of life you'd like to see improvement, what does that comfort look like, how does it smell. continue to think of these things as you put the spell together. 

*Spell Jar Kit includes: 

Ingredients (please do not consume any of the ingredients, if they are consumed please seek medical attention. keep out of reach from unsupervised children and pets) 


A spell candle 

A spell jar

A purifying incense stick 

Please act responsibly around flames and never leave a candle or incense stick unattended. DONT EAT THE MAGIC, DONT BURN THINGS DOWN.